Water Pipes

Water Pipes are known for cooling and filtering the smoke through water offering a smoother hit even when large amounts of smoke is inhaled. The Stashbox offers a wide variety of high quality water pipes and water pipe accessories! 



Silicone Eyce Water Pipe Beakers
3" GRAV Hammer Bubbler
8" UPC- Straight Acrylic Water Pipe
Silicone Eyce Hammers
4" GRAV Hammer Bubbler
8" Original Roll-Uh-Bowl Silicone Water Pipes
$29.99 $22.99
8" Straight Acrylic Water Pipe 2" Diameter
8" UPC- Straight Acrylic Water Pipe 1.5" Diameter
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PieceMaker Kolt Silicone Water Pipes
Silicone Bubblers
8" Bubble Acrylic Water Pipe
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18" UPC- Bubble Acrylic Water Pipe