Sandmaster Glass

Sandmaster Glass strives to provide a superior quality product with ever changing designs and inspiration while staying as green as possible. They offer excellent pipes and are known for having "good bowls and good holes"!

Pick out your favorite bowl from Sandmaster Glass, check out through our secure server, and The Stashbox will ship it same day in discreet packaging!

4.5" SMG Inside Out Spoon
7.5" SMG Dab Straw
4"-4.5" SMG Concentrate Taster with Clear Dabber
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1.5" SMG Rolling Tip- Round Glass
3.5"-3.75" SMG Oney- Clear Glass
1.5" SMG Rolling Tip- Tapered Glass
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19mm SMG Male Gong Frit Bowl
1"-1.25" SMG Universal Carb Cap- Small
9mm SMG Slide Frit Bowl
3.5"-4.75" SMG Oney- Colored Glass
14mm SMG Female Gong Frit Bowl
3.25" SMG Frit Chillum